Steps to Ownership

Our 7 Step Process to Becoming a Franchisee


Becoming a franchisee is a process, but we will do whatever we can to ensure it is both smooth and efficient, and provide guidance and support along the way.

1. Request for Franchise Application
After visiting a Mia Fresco® to enjoy our products and experiencing our restaurant, if you are interested in applying to become a franchise owner, your first step would be to fill out the Request for Franchisee Application form, found here.

2. Complete the Mia Fresco Franchisee Application
We will send you a Franchisee Application through email. Fill it out and submit it according to instruction.

3. Assessment of Application
Once submitted, the application is sent to the Mia Fresco® Support Centre. The submission of your application is confidential and carries no obligation; it will allow us to make our initial assessment of your financial status, business background and location preference.

4. Preliminary Approval and Meeting
If we like what we see, your application will receive preliminary approval and we will contact you and invite you in so that you can be given copy of the Mia Fresco Franchise Disclosure Document. This document contains background information regarding the franchisor, as well as copies of the Franchise Application and other relevant franchise documentation.

5. Offer to Franchise
Mia Fresco will prepare an offer to franchise for you, which is conditional upon franchisee approval, bank financing, and securing a lease for the premises. A refundable deposit in the amount of $5,000 is submitted with the Offer to Franchise.

6. Site Selection and Bank Financing
Mia Fresco is actively seeking prime locations. In certain instances, you may choose to open a restaurant in a location selected by yourself, though the location must be evaluated and approved by Mia Fresco. Construction of the restaurant will also be conducted or supervised by Mia Fresco. Mia Fresco will also review, in detail, the process involved in applying for bank financing and will assist you in preparing to meet with a bank.

7. Franchise Agreement
Once bank financing is approved and all other conditions are removed, the Offer to Franchise is firm; the deposit is non-refundable; and the Franchise Agreement and all relevant franchise documents are signed. Additional funds are paid at the time of signing the Franchise Agreement; at the time of starting construction; and prior to the opening of the business. After training and store construction, your Mia Fresco location will be ready for operation!

Further questions about our selection process or the steps involved? Contact us here or email us for more information.